Friday, February 20, 2009


Today was hair cut day yahoo it needed it. I love the place I get my hair done at Laurie there is awesome. I go to Amy and Hair co on the north side. what is really cool is that it is in an apartment complexes club house. there is a little gift shop and I think racket ball courts in the back since I see them coming in with them. And this awesome place to sit and relax while you wait for your turn or if hubby comes along a place for him to read. I really liked how the fireplace reflected so much of the light.

whats a haircut without a haircut picture right?? well I tried to get both the front and the back. not the best but after 10 shots the little cameras battery was running low so this is the last one I decided on.


  1. Cute haircut and clever way to photograph both front and back!

  2. Love the fireplace photo and great haircut. I love how you can see the back in the mirror.

  3. Beautiful fireplace shot and of course you look gorgeous dahling!


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