Saturday, February 7, 2009


The house was all mine this afternoon. Hubby and child both working and my intentions were to cleanup my stamp area. but after I put on Mamma Mia I got inspired and made a few cards. Of course that was in between bouts of spontaneous dancing around the room. nothing like dancing in a quiet house with the Abba music blaring. So for my self portrait shot I took a shot of me twirling. It took at least a half dozen shots to get it right by the time I was done I was very dizzy.


  1. Glad you persisted thru the dizziness, cuz the shot is cute and very effective! We love Mama Mia -- we've seen the play twice in London and once here at home! Bought the DVD but haven't watched it yet.....

  2. I loved that movie and I love your twirl self portrait! I'm dizzy just thinking about all the twirling you did to get that shot.

  3. Your twirling - Too funny! Great blur on it! I still haven't seem Mama Mia but it's on my list!!!


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