Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well it was a tough day at work but afterwards was a real pick me up. I got my haircut a really needed event since I was suppose to get it cut December 17 when the big storm hit and this is the first chance I could get there between work and not having good enough roads to get anywhere it was just impossible. Then my husband and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Outback which included a nice big frozen margarita. Just what I needed. Then we came home and my Duncan was waiting for me and was so happy to see me we played and played.

well there it is new hair cut YEAH it felt good to get that mess out of my face. Not sure I like these self portraits they are way to close and show way to many wrinkles.


  1. What a lil' cutie he is!

    Lookin good! Aren't good haircuts the best? I had about 6 inches cut off last week and I love it!

  2. Great haircut and beautiful portrait of your puppy!


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