Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I had a really hard time picking an image today I took several of the dam and this ice and finally decided on this one because it showed both. the water was really flowing something we don't see normally in January. Because of the amount of water coming up and the temperature of the air it creates this mist that comes up over the bridge that froze immediately into a 1/2 inch layer of ice on the railing and part of the walkway. It is pretty cool though.

can you find me?? I know my peachie friends will just LOVE this one. Drinking the number one drink of course so have to show it off.


This is the opposite side of the dam looking at the bridge where I took the first shot at. that white stuff jsut below the bridge is solid ice on the rocks.


  1. Cool (cold!) shots!!

  2. Beautiful shots - I especially love that last one! WOW! Great idea for your portrait! lol

  3. Love the dam shot, but the Pepsi can made me nauseous...till I saw your reflection in the can!


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