Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today on Inauguration day of our 44Th president and the first African American President of the united state I happen to be walking through our city hall gallery and found this piece of art. Sadly I forgot to write down the artist name but it really called to me for several reasons. The obvious reason is how proud President Lincoln would be today. The not so obvious reason is because of the cupcake and how it reminded me of my friend Lenore.

It reads Most Folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abe Lincoln

I think this is one of the best sentences anyone can remember. We need to teach our children this and remind ourselves of it all the time.

I looked so horrid today after work, I might say a LONG day at work that I decided that I would play with photo shop a bit and came up with this. freaky huh?? lol


  1. What a fun art gallery! Great shots of it.

  2. Love the cupcake sculpture but love the freaky photo shopped picture even more!


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