Thursday, January 1, 2009


January 1, 2009 First day of my 365 day in a life serious.

I will be printing these out and adding them to a scrapbook for the year. So what is special or what was my day about today.

I think the snow sums it up. we have had well over 60 inches in a 2 week period and it just keeps coming down. this mornings shovel included 6 more inches. and its still snowing. we need a little sunshine and some melting. Every bone and muscle is soar. the stores have been sold out of shovels and snow blowers for weeks now. So much of our days are taken up with snow that we are to tired for anything else it seems.

I told my husband about my little plan for the year and he said oh like the one where everyone takes a picture a day. why don't you do that. Well I still haven't decided yet but here is the first. NOT a lovely shot but its me for the day. Just done shoveling for an hour and the hair is toast.

so those that are going to follow this let me know what you think. and I would love to see anyone elses 365 day blog just leave me a note and let me know about it.


  1. Me thinks me needs to figure out how to blog my 365....hmmm...ya teach me?

  2. okay, now i'll post that in English. I like the idea of blogging our little "project". How do I even start?

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